CARSTAR London East was opened from the ground up in 2007. The shops owner, Wayne Minogue, at the time had another shop he was operating (stills does, now called CARSTAR London West), but he felt there was a need to supply service for his customers in the industrial heart of London, London East.
  The shop currently employs 22 full time staff, consisting of an array of positions including appraisers, detailers, body men and painters, all kept very busy to keep up with the current market demand.
  We are very proud to say that our shop is I-Car Gold Certified. In order to achieve this status we ensure our technicians maintain their skills by attending regular training seminars. This way we can keep up with the current technologies in this ever-changing industry.
  We are equipped with state of the art technology (Spansi electronic measuring equipment) and all of our body men are licensed and properly trained to ensure that your vehicle is fixed to it's proper specifications.
  We employ two licensed painters and have a state of the art downdraft booth. It bakes all of our waterbourne paint finishes, at a high temperature to ensure the paint cures to factory specifications. Our quality control process is above the industry standard and ameets all insurance company guidelines.
  FUN FACT: Our combined staff has over 50 Years of CARSTAR Experience, and over 170 Years of Industry Experience! Wow!
  We always support our local highschool/co-op programs and strongly believe in supporting our apprenticeship programs. We have apprentices on staff at all times. They learn our stringent standards from our body technicians and become a valuable future asset to our company and the collision industry.
  The next step in the repair process usually brings us to the paint shop. Once a vehicle's body construction has become complete, it is brought over to our paint shop where it is usually sanded then masked in preparation for painting. Once painting has completed, the vehicle and/or parts sit and bake at high temperatures to ensure the paint cures and returns its coat to factory specifications.
  Once the coat has set and is ready to leave the paint booth, the vehicle is then delivered back to its original bodyman, where they reinstall any parts that needed to be taken off for painting. Here the bodyman conducts their final inspection and only once complete, the vehicle then gets delivered to our detail department, where they clean the vehicle up inside and out in order to deliver the best presentation possible.
  The final stage of the repair process has the original appraiser who assessed the damage first hand, go through their checklist and make sure that everything on the final estimate has been completed and up to CARSTAR quality standards. Once completed, the customer is called and the vehicle is ready for pick up.